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Homerton Business Centre, Purbeck Road, Cambridge. An Archaeological Desk Top Assesment

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Appleby, Grahame 


This archaeological desk top assessment was requested by Januarys on behalf of Homerton College to assess the likely impact of development of the Homerton Business Centre, Purbeck Road, Cambridge (TL 4591 5636), covering an area of 1.267ha. Examination of the archaeological, historical, aerial and cartographic evidence shows the site to be situated in an area of low archaeological potential that has undergone significant urban development and change since the construction of the Cambridge to London mainline railway line in 1845 and subsequent urban expansion and redevelopment of south Cambridge. Nonetheless, pockets of surviving archaeology have been found in the study area and adjacent to the Homerton Business Centre, primarily dating from the Medieval and later periods, and as such, the possibility of encountering in situ archaeology within the proposed development area cannot be entirely excluded.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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