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A Fieldwalking Survey of the Proposed A14 route between Ellington and Girton



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Anderson, Katie 
Hall, David 
Standring, Robin 


Fieldwalking was undertaken along the route of proposed improvements to the A14 road on behalf of Costain Skanska Joint Venture for the Highways Agency. The fieldwalking was divided into two phases, which aimed to first identify and then investigate potential archaeological sites along the planned route. The first phase of fieldwalking comprised a double line transect which was walked along the part of the proposed route between Ellington and Girton This work was undertaken in order to identify artefact scatters indicative of potential archaeological sites that would be examined by the second phase, a more detailed grid walking for total area collection. During the transect phase, three main areas were identified as having a higher than average number of finds that warranted further investigation as potential archaeological sites. Evidence for Mesolithic/Neolithic, Bronze Age, Roman, Saxon, and Medieval activity was recorded within three sites



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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