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Stochastic approximations of higher-molecular by bi-molecular reactions.

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Reactions involving three or more reactants, called higher-molecular reactions, play an important role in mathematical modelling in systems and synthetic biology. In particular, such reactions underpin a variety of important bio-dynamical phenomena, such as multi-stability/multi-modality, oscillations, bifurcations, and noise-induced effects. However, as opposed to reactions involving at most two reactants, called bi-molecular reactions, higher-molecular reactions are biochemically improbable. To bridge the gap, in this paper we put forward an algorithm for systematically approximating arbitrary higher-molecular reactions with bi-molecular ones, while preserving the underlying stochastic dynamics. Properties of the algorithm and convergence are established via singular perturbation theory. The algorithm is applied to a variety of higher-molecular biochemical networks, and is shown to play an important role in synthetic biology.



Article, Stochastic reaction networks, Chemical master equation, Singular perturbation theory, Synthetic biology, DNA computing, 92B05, 92C42, 60J28

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J Math Biol

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