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Research data supporting the publication: 'Structural effects in UO$_2$ thin films irradiated with fission-energy Xe ions'

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Popel, AJ 
Lebedev, VA 
Martin, PG 
Shiryaev, AA 
Lampronti, GI 


Project: PhD work by A.J. Popel: ‘The effect of radiation damage by fission fragments on the structural stability and dissolution of the UO2 fuel matrix’.

The Excel file ‘XRD_UO2_films_LSAT’ with raw XRD data supporting Figure 10 and XRD results in the publication: A.J. Popel, V.A. Lebedev, P.G. Martin, A.A. Shiryaev, G.I. Lampronti, R. Springell, S.N. Kalmykov, T.B. Scott, I. Monnet, C. Grygiel, I. Farnan, Structural effects in UO2 thin films irradiated with fission-energy Xe ions, J. Nucl. Mater. 482 (2016) 210-217,

The XRD analysis was performed to assess crystallographic structure of the as-produced and irradiated thin films of UO2 on LSAT substrates. The data were generated in June-July 2014 at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK. A D8 Bruker diffractometer equipped with a primary Ge monochromator for Cu Ka1 and a Sol-X solid state detector operating in standard Bragg-Brentano geometry was used for the analysis. The samples were spun during signal collection and a zero-background sample holder was used in all cases.

The data can be accessed through the University of Cambridge Data Repository.


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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/I036400/1)