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The Addenbrookes Access Road, Clay Farm, Trumpington, Cambridge. The 2008 Investigations: Sites 4 & 7.

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Armour, Nicholas 


Two open-area investigations were undertaken on the Addenbrooke's Access Road construction corridor. These represented the final two phases of works started in April 2007. Site 4 and Site 7 were on low-lying land farmland within a dry valley located between Hobson's Brook and Addenbrooke's Hospital to the south of Cambridge. Site 4 revealed former field boundaries and drainage ditches of post-medieval date. A series of 20th century pits, postholes and gullies identified on the site were linked to the agricultural shows that were held on the land from 1948 until the 1960s. Site 7 revealed a total of 41 individual features of which 24 were ditches or ditch re-cuts, poorly dated by three stratified and three unstratified potsherds to the Late Iron Age to later Romano-British periods. A trackway and rectilinear field system was identified. Associated with these was a well or watering hole dated to the Iron Age and from which a fragment of saddle quern was retrieved. The remaining features consisted of eight undated rectilinear construction trenches, possibly part of a medieval warren, seven undated pits and one utilised treethrow. The importance of the excavations lay in their position within the landscape. They confirmed that historic and prehistoric occupation within the Hobson's Brook valley was confined to the valley sides and that associated field systems and tracks largely avoided the damper base.



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