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Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge. Archaeological monitoring and recording of geotechnical test pit and boreholes.

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Robinson Zeki, Iona  ORCID logo


Archaeological monitoring and recording were carried out during the digging of one test pit and three exploratory boreholes at Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge (TL 4498 5853). The test-pit, located south of the church, against the eastern, external wall of the vestry, revealed a wide wall-trench, back-filled with construction deposits and graveyard soil including small- and medium-sized pieces of disarticulated human bone and a small assemblage of predominantly Post-Medieval material culture. Beneath this wall trench, a horizon of undisturbed graveyard soil was identified with indicators that in situ burials might be present within that layer. Within the church, three shallow boreholes determined that compacted earth exists directly below the concrete floor in the North and South Transepts, whilst a borehole in the Nave revealed a void containing service ducts.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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