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Video Supplement supporting the Article: New Caledonian crows plan for specific future tool use

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Schiestl, Martina 
Gruber, Romana 
Miller, Rachael 


This video is the supporting information video for the paper: New Caledonian crows flexibly plan for specific future tool use. Data was collected during the field season 2018 in New Caledonia. It shows an individual being tested in a future planning paradigm. Crows are given alternating trials condition 3 and 4, where they see the platform apparatus or the dispenser apparatus baited with food, and then are moved to the next door compartment, where, 5 minutes later, they are presented with the tool presentation box containing three tools, a distractor and low value apple. To gain the meat the crows need to choose a stone and the hook, so they can take this tool to the apparatus in the next door compartment 10 minutes later.


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Animal Cognition, Corvid, Comparative Psychology, Cognition, Animal Behaviour


European Research Council (339993)