Babraham Research Campus: Proposed Building B503. Archaeological Trenching Evaluation and Watching Brief.

Change log
Timberlake, Simon 

Between 19th April and 3rd May 2011 the Cambridge Archaeological Unit carried out an archaeological evaluation (74 m of trenching) followed by a watching brief at the Babraham Research Campus prior to the construction of a single building (B503) some 200m to the north of the river and to the east of the Hall. Two undated NE-SW ditches plus a number of ill-defined Roman and Late Medieval features were found that were considerably truncated by modern foundations. The Late Medieval features included two NW-SE ditches and a pit, whilst the Roman features consisted of two sections of a shallow and sinuous NNW-SSE oriented gully in which was found a concentration of well-preserved broken vessels including at least one Samian bowl, and a 4m-wide NE-SW trending boundary ditch which lay adjacent to the south-eastern edge of the excavation. The latter ditch appears to be more or less in line with the westernmost edge of a group of ditches associated with the Roman Road previously excavated beneath the ARES Building Car Park in 2006.

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