Research data supporting "Fluency results in design fixation experiments: an additional explanation"

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This is a ZIP archive file (.zip) containing both portable network graphics (.png) and comma-separated values (.csv) files: > The png files contain the annotated sketches that participants generated during the ideation session. This file type allows the non-digital data to be saved in a digital document format. The ideas from each group are stored into different folders, whose naming corresponds to the experimental conditions reported in the publication (FLUENCY RESULTS IN DESIGN FIXATION EXPERIMENTS: AN ADDITIONAL EXPLANATION). > The csv file contains the evaluation for all ideas generated by all participants in the experiment. This file type allows data to be saved in a table structured format. In the table, the column headings are self-explanatory, provided you also have the corresponding publication given above as a reference. The data was collected in January 2015 from 55 undergraduate students in engineering at the University of Cambridge, UK. Participation in the experiment was part of the students’ education, and was aimed at collecting data that could later be used to introduce them to the concept of design fixation. No demographic data was collected from the participants, but as first year undergraduate students they were broadly similar in age and design experience, drawn from a cohort with a male-female ratio of 3:1. No consent form was required for this experiment

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Design Fixation, Fluency, Representation, Detail level
University of Cambridge
EPSRC [EP/K008196/1] CAPES Foundation [BEX 11468/13-0]