A Multiversal Adventure in Decolonising Education: Everything Everywhere All at Once

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jats:pThis article is a conceptual creative piece, drawing a parallel between the themes of the 2022 cinematic work Everything Everywhere All at Once (EEAAO) and decolonising education. Initially, I examine the career trajectories of the film's two leading protagonists, both of whom originally hail from tropical Southeast Asia, expounding upon Asian media representation and juxtaposing their personal narratives with the discourse surrounding decoloniality, inclusivity, and diversity. Secondly, through a close analysis of key scenes and motifs, I highlight the film's relevance to debates around decolonisation, including the need to challenge dominant narratives, recognise diverse perspectives, and acknowledge the intersectionality of identity and experience. Thirdly, I suggest incorporating playful pedagogies and praxes that draw inspiration from the imaginative ingenuity of EEAAO as a means of overcoming the continuing ramifications of colonialism and Western-centrism within education. By positioning the film as a catalyst, I hope to contribute to broader efforts to decolonise and transform the structures, systems, and practices that shape our social fabric. This paper is a valuable resource for educators aiming to connect Eastern philosophies, quantum physics, and decolonising approaches to teaching and learning with adolescent learners, using the themes of interconnectedness, multiverses, and collective action.</jats:p>

4702 Cultural Studies, 4705 Literary Studies, 44 Human Society, 47 Language, Communication and Culture, 4410 Sociology, 4 Quality Education
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