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Enabling event-triggered data plane monitoring

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Kučera, J 
Popescu, DA 
Wang, H 
Kořenek, J 


We propose a push-based approach to network monitoring that allows the detection, within the dataplane, of traffic aggregates. Notifications from the switch to the controller are sent only if required, avoiding the transmission or processing of unnecessary data. Furthermore, the dataplane iteratively refines the responsible IP prefixes, allowing the controller to receive information with a flexible granularity. We implemented our solution, Elastic Trie, in P4 and for two different FPGA devices. We evaluated it with packet traces from an ISP backbone. Our approach can spot changes in the traffic patterns and detect (with 95% of accuracy) either hierarchical heavy hitters with less than 8KB or superspreaders with less than 300KB of memory, respectively. Additionally, it reduces controller-dataplane communication overheads by up to two orders of magnitude with respect to state-of-the-art solutions.



4605 Data Management and Data Science, 46 Information and Computing Sciences, 40 Engineering

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SOSR 2020 - Proceedings of the 2020 Symposium on SDN Research

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SOSR '20: Symposium on SDN Research

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