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Analysing Systems Interdependencies Using a Digital Twin

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Whyte, Jennifer 
Coca, Daniel 
Fitzgerald, John 
Mayfield, Martin 
Pierce, Ken 


This work provides a first step towards next-generation systems engineering by demonstrating the feasibility of using a digital twin to generate new insight into systems relationships and interdependencies. This step required substantial interdisciplinary work and industry collaboration in order to examine the potential to combine a set of relevant analytical methods (e.g. BIM query, network analyses and multi-modelling). We assembled an experienced team (Imperial College London, University of Sheffield, Newcastle University), and worked closely with and used empirical data from a major project (Thames Tideway Tunnel). This first step delivers fundamental theoretical understanding that will support the use of the digital twin for systems analyses, and a practical contribution to the identification, prioritisation and management of interdependencies. The long-term ambition is to build the tools that decision makers need in order to understand infrastructure system interdependencies within and across project boundaries.



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