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Land North of Barton Road, Cambridge, Desk Based Assessment



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The Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU) has been commissioned by the North Barton Road Landowners Group (North BRLOG) to prepare an archaeological desk-based assessment for land being promoted for development through the Greater Cambridge Local Plan. The site forms South West Cambridge: Land North of Barton Road (Figure 1). The Proposed Development Area (PDA) covers approximately 155 hectares. The purpose of this desk-based assessment is to assess: (a) the archaeological potential of the PDA (b) the likely impact of previous land use on the survival of any archaeological remains, and (c) the potential for impacts on the surviving archaeological resource. For the purposes of this report, archaeological and historical records were consulted for a rectangular search area covering 1,250 hectares, extending approximately 500m from the site boundaries.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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