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scTour: a deep learning architecture for robust inference and accurate prediction of cellular dynamics.

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Despite the continued efforts, a batch-insensitive tool that can both infer and predict the developmental dynamics using single-cell genomics is lacking. Here, I present scTour, a novel deep learning architecture to perform robust inference and accurate prediction of cellular dynamics with minimal influence from batch effects. For inference, scTour simultaneously estimates the developmental pseudotime, delineates the vector field, and maps the transcriptomic latent space under a single, integrated framework. For prediction, scTour precisely reconstructs the underlying dynamics of unseen cellular states or a new independent dataset. scTour's functionalities are demonstrated in a variety of biological processes from 19 datasets.



Cellular dynamics inference and prediction, Deep learning, Developmental pseudotime, Latent space, Vector field, Deep Learning, Genomics, Gene Expression Profiling, Transcriptome

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Genome Biol

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