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Validation of a commercial 1,2-o-dilauryl-rac-glycero glutaric acid-(6'-methylresorufin) ester lipase assay for diagnosis of canine pancreatitis.

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Goodband, Emily L 
Serrano, Gonçalo 
Constantino-Casas, Fernando 
Archer, Joy 


The objectives of this study were fourfold: technical validation of a commercial canine 1,2-o-dilauryl-rac-glycero glutaric acid-(6'-methylresorufin) ester (DGGR) lipase assay, to calculate a reference interval for DGGR lipase by the indirect a posteriori method, to establish biological validity of the assay, and to assess agreement between DGGR lipase and specific canine pancreatic lipase (Spec cPL) assays. Dogs with histologically confirmed acute pancreatitis (n=3), chronic pancreatitis (n=8) and normal pancreatic tissue (n=7) with stored (-80°C) serum samples were identified. Relevant controls were selected. Precision, reproducibility and linearity of DGGR lipase, and the effect of sample haemolysis and freezing, were assessed. Sensitivity and specificity of DGGR lipase and Spec cPL were determined. Agreement between these two parameters was calculated using Cohen's kappa coefficient (κ). The DGGR lipase assay demonstrated excellent precision, reproducibility and linearity. Sample haemolysis and storage at -80°C for 12 months did not influence the assay. DGGR lipase (>245IU/l) and Spec cPL (>400µg/l) both showed poor sensitivity but excellent specificity for acute pancreatitis, and poor to moderate sensitivity but excellent specificity for chronic pancreatitis. Substantial agreement (κ=0.679) was found between DGGR lipase and Spec cPL. The validated DGGR lipase assay had similar sensitivity and specificity for the diagnosis of acute and chronic pancreatitis to Spec cPL. DGGR lipase is a reliable alternative to Spec cPL for the diagnosis of pancreatitis.



dogs, gastroenterology, internal medicine

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Vet Rec Open

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