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100 practices to foster consumer acceptance in the circular economy

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Geissdoerfer, Martin 


The circular economy aims to decouple economic growth from resource input and waste and emission output. For the dissemination of this economic model, the lack of consumer acceptance for circular business models has been identified as a critical barrier. Despite its importance, this issue remains underexplored in academic research. To address this research gap, this study applies a semi-structured literature review approach leading to four contributions: 1) it proposes novel definitions for key terminology in the consumer acceptance context, 2) it develops a theoretical framework that conceptualises consumer acceptance in the circular economy, 3) it creates the most comprehensive overview of consumer acceptance factors to date, and 4) it provides the first comprehensive overview of practices that companies can deploy to foster consumer acceptance for circular business models. Consequently, the study expands existing circular economy, consumer behaviour and innovation theory by conceptualising consumer acceptance in the circular economy. In addition, the study provides practical guidance on consumer acceptance practices to innovation practitioners concerned with circular business models. Therefore, this study can facilitate more sustainable consumer behaviour, accelerating the transition to the circular economy.



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R&D Management Conference 2021 6th-8th July Online Innovation in an Era of Disruption

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