Portable, desktop high-field magnet systems using bulk, single-grain RE-Ba-Cu-O high-temperature superconductors

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Moseley, DA 
Beck, MR 
Dennis, Anthony R 

jats:titleAbstract</jats:title> jats:pBulk high-temperature superconducting materials can trap magnetic fields up to an order of magnitude larger than conventional permanent magnets. Recent advances in pulsed field magnetization (PFM) techniques now provide a fast and cost-effective method to magnetize bulk superconductors to fields of up to 5 T. We have developed a portable, desktop bulk high-temperature superconducting magnet system by combining advanced PFM techniques with state-of-the-art cryocooler technology and single-grain, RE-Ba-Cu-O [(RE)BCO, where RE is a rare-earth element or yttrium] bulk superconducting materials. The base temperature of the system is 41 K and it takes about one hour for the system to cool down to 50 K from room temperature. A capacitor bank, combined with easily-interchangeable, solenoid- or split-type copper magnetizing coils and an insulated bipolar gate transistor acting as a high-speed switch, allows magnetic pulses to be generated with different pulse profiles. The system is capable of trapping magnetic fields of up to ~3 T. In this work, we report the results of the magnetization of a range of single-grain Y-Ba-Cu-O (YBCO), Eu-Ba-Cu-O (EuBCO) and Gd-Ba-Cu-O (GdBCO), bulk superconducting discs using this system. A higher trapped field was recorded using a split coil incorporating iron yokes at temperatures of 65 K and above, whereas at lower temperatures, a higher trapped field was obtained using the solenoid coil. The GdBCO sample achieved the highest trapped field for both single-pulse (SP) and two-stage-multi-pulse (TSMP) methods using the solenoid coil. Maximum trapped fields of 2.26 T at 55 K and 2.85 T at 49 K were recorded at the centre of the top surface of the GdBCO sample for the SP and TSMP methods, respectively. The PFM process is substantially an adiabatic process so, therefore, the thermal contact between the sample and sample holder is of critical importance for cooling the bulk sample during application of the pulse. The design of the sample holder can be modified easily to enhance the thermal stability of the sample in order to achieve a higher trapped field. </jats:p>

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Superconductor Science and Technology
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