The Archaeology of the Geotechnical and Archaeological Ground Investigations at The Master's Garden, Corpus Christi, Cambridge. An Interim Report.

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Alexander, Mary 

This interim report concerns recording by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU), that took place during the excavation of five observation pits and two bore holes, dug in the Master's Garden and garage at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (TL 4489/5815). These below-ground investigations were part of a combined geotechnical and archaeological survey, commissioned as part of the preliminary investigations for the proposed construction of a new Parker Library and visitors' centre. The construction programme awaits the outcome of an application for Lottery funding. Located on the Cam gravel terraces, the site lies just within the proposed line of the medieval 'King's Ditch', and to the east of the churchyard of St. Botolph's Church. The results of this survey were intended to supplement the results of an archaeological assessment, comprising two trenches and a test pit that were excavated, by the CAU, in the previous year. The principle objective of this work was to determine the presence/absence and character of any archaeological remains within the area of the prospective development.

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