The effect of capped biparametric magnetic resonance imaging slots on weekly prostate cancer imaging workload.

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Sushentsev, Nikita 
Caglic, Iztok 
Shaida, Nadeem 
Slough, Rhys A 

OBJECTIVE: To introduce capped biparametric (bp) MRI slots for follow-up imaging of prostate cancer patients enrolled in active surveillance (AS) and evaluate the effect on weekly variation in the number of AS cases and total MRI workload. METHODS: Three 20 min bpMRI AS slots on two separate days were introduced at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge. The weekly numbers of total prostate MRIs and AS cases recorded 15 months before and after the change (Groups 1 and 2, respectively). An intergroup variation in the weekly scan numbers was assessed using the coefficient of variance (CV) and mean absolute deviation; the Mann-Whitney U test was used for an intergroup comparison of the latter. RESULTS: In AS patients, a shift from considerable to moderate variation in weekly scan numbers was observed between the two groups (CV, 51.7 and 26.8%, respectively); mean absolute deviation of AS scans also demonstrated a significant decrease in Group 2 (1.28 vs 2.58 in Group 1; p < 0.001). No significant changes in the variation in total prostate MRIs were observed, despite a 10% increased workload in Group 2. CONCLUSION: A significant reduction in weekly variation of AS cases was demonstrated following the introduction of capped bpMRI slots, which can be used for more accurate long-term planning of MRI workload. ADVANCES IN KNOWLEDGE: The paper illustrates the potential of introducing capped AS MRI slots using a bp protocol to reduce weekly variation in demand and allow for optimising workflow, which will be increasingly important as the demands on radiology departments increase worldwide.

Aged, Aged, 80 and over, Humans, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Male, Middle Aged, Population Surveillance, Prostatic Neoplasms, Statistics, Nonparametric, Time Factors, Workload
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Br J Radiol
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British Institute of Radiology
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