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NLO QCD and EW corrections to vector-boson scattering into ZZ at the LHC

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Franken, Robert 
Schmidt, Timo 


Abstract: We present the first calculation of the full next-to-leading-order electroweak and QCD corrections for vector-boson scattering (VBS) into a pair of Z bosons at the LHC. We consider specifically the process pp → e+e−μ+μ−jj + X at orders O(α7) and O(αsα6) and take all off-shell and interference contributions into account. Owing to the presence of enhanced Sudakov logarithms, the electroweak corrections amount to −16% of the leading-order electroweak fiducial cross section and induce significant shape distortions of differential distributions. The QCD corrections on the other hand are larger (+24%) than typical QCD corrections in VBS. This originates from considering the full computation including tri-boson contributions in a rather inclusive phase space. We also provide a leading-order analysis of all contributions to the cross section for pp → e+e−μ+μ−jj + X in a realistic setup.



Regular Article - Theoretical Physics, NLO Computations, QCD Phenomenology

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Journal of High Energy Physics

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg