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Low-cost mobile augmented reality service for building information modeling

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Um, J 
Park, JM 
Park, SY 


Informed decision-making is crucial for construction site operators. Cyber-physical systems, including various technologies such as augmented reality and building automation tools, are gathering popularity within the infrastructure management sector. However, such advanced technologies are expensive and inaccessible to adopt for most small organizations. This paper describes the development of a novel low-cost mobile augmented reality service for BIM and demonstrates its usability by implementing a prototype for a pipe maintenance case study which supports inspection, workflow management, data reduction, and augmented reality for on-site operators. Decision and integration support and the ease of use were further analyzed through semi-structured interviews with five organizations in the UK and South Korea. The results showed that the prototype is easy to use and the augmented reality service integrated with the building automation tool and the BIMserver enhances decision-making and data integration for on-site operations by generating a closed loop. This paper also highlights the need for developing low-cost digital solutions to foster digitalization in construction organizations with limited budgets.



Building information modeling, Augmented reality, 3D object recognition, Digitalisation, Facility management, Industry 4.0, 5G

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Automation in Construction

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The research was supported by the KIAT (Korea Institu- tion for Advanced of Technology) grant funded by the Korea Government (MOTIE: Ministry of Trade Industry and En- ergy). (Advanced Training Program for Smart Factory, No. N0002429)