Misalignment of policy priorities and financing for early childhood education: Evidence from Ethiopia, Liberia, and Mainland Tanzania

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Kim, J 
Robinson, N 
Härmä, J 
Jeffery, D 

This article assesses the financing of early childhood education (ECE) in three resource-constrained contexts: Ethiopia, Liberia, and Mainland Tanzania. Based on an analysis of policy documents and education administrative data, as well as surveys with key policymakers, school principals, and parents, it identifies that ECE is seen as a national priority in government policies across the three countries. However, this commitment is not aligned with the allocation of sufficient financial resources by each of the governments, which are extremely low in all three countries. This misalignment is associated with inequitable resource allocation, further reinforcing gaps in access to quality ECE between more advantaged and disadvantaged populations within the countries.

Early childhood education (ECE), ECE financing, Education policy, Early learning partnership (ELP)
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International Journal of Educational Research
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Elsevier BV
World Bank (via Policy Study Institute) (7192655)
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