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Murray-Rust, Peter 


These are a set of HTML slides presented during the virtual launch of Chemical Markup Language in 1998-04. This was an exciting and novel event. It was sponsored by Chemweb Ltd. (then a division of MDL, managed by Bill Town) and the infrastructure was provided by VEI (through Barry Hardy). The slides were loaded onto a server and the particpants registered (free) to observer these in serial order. All communication was text but bidirectional (participants could text the presenters).

This was a series of virtaul lectures presented by ChemWeb. PeterMR, HenryR and Wendy Warr (moderator) sat in Henry's office/lab in Imperial College. Over 500 participants registered. For most of them it was a completely new experience and most coped well. However due to the large "attendance" the server became overloaded at times. There were discussion boards and comments were left on these but I expect they have decayed. The menu system has been added in 2004 to allow navigation of the material. Note that PM-R was Director of the Virtual School of Molecular Sciences in the School of Pharmacy in Nottingham. Note that most if not all of the external links will probably be defunct.


From 1998: "This talk consists of 26 HTML-based slides. Some slides contain GIFs as thumbnails. They are outlined (probably in blue). If you click on these a fullsized image will appear. To 'go back' you may have to click the right mouse button or or use some other way to 'go back in frame' Some slides contain technical bits (in red). Mainly examples of CML in action. These can be skipped and read later if necessary. The table of contents (an important XML concept) is slide001. It may be useful to clone a window with the TOC. You can also reach this page (and other pages) from the TOC. Each slide contains a NUMBER under the JUMBO icon (001-026) for navigation. There is NO Java during the lecture. To download the JUMBO browser, wait till after the lecture and follow the JUMBO icon JUMBO is being released in stages (Shakespeare at present). Chemistry will follow in about a week Technical JUMBO queries are best left to the post-lecture discussion list The Open Molecule Foundation is sponsoring a free JUMBO-based CDROM of CML. Many thanks to Chemweb and VEI. "

Note that DSPACE does not allow upload of hyperdocuments yet so we have zipped everything into a single file and added a few slides


chemistry, CML, chemweb, vsms, Wendy Warr, Henry Rzepa, Bill Town, Barry Hardy, virtual launch, omf, open molecule foundation

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