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Patent hepatic ciliated foregut remnant resulting in an umbilicobiliary sinus tract, with gallbladder agenesis, in an 8-wk-old male French Bulldog.

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Cullen, John M 
Vilà-González, Marta 
Pittaway, Rachel 
Desmet, Valeer J 


Hepatic ciliated foregut remnants or cysts are congenital abnormalities resulting from retention of embryonic ciliated foregut within the liver. These structures are rarely reported in the human medical literature and have not been reported in the veterinary literature previously, to our knowledge. We describe here a case of an 8-wk-old male French Bulldog with a congenital patent hepatic ciliated foregut remnant resulting in an umbilicobiliary sinus tract. The dog also had concurrent gallbladder agenesis. The patient had yellow fluid discharging from the umbilicus, mimicking a patent urachus. Surgical exploration, removal, and histology provided a conclusive diagnosis of a hepatic foregut remnant and therapeutic resolution of the clinical signs. The histologic appearance of a hepatic foregut remnant is classical, namely a duct composed of 4 layers: an inner ciliated epithelial lining, loose connective tissue, smooth muscle, and a fibrous capsule.



agenesis, cilia, cysts, dogs, embryonic structures, fluorescent antibody technique, foregut remnant, gallbladder, liver

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J Vet Diagn Invest

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