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An Archaeological Desk Based Assessment of Land at Manor Farm, Holywell, Cambridgeshire

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Hall, Andrew 


This Archaeological Desk Based Assessment was commissioned by Ashwell Developments Limited. It relates to an area of 0.33 hectares to the north of Conger Lane, Holywell, Cambridgeshire. The plot lies within the property of Manor Farm, centred on TL337/709. The study reveals potential for archaeology spanning several periods. The nature of the local topography of Holywell, in a prominent position above the Ouse floodplain, with access to a range of natural resources including a documented fresh water spring, would have made this a favoured place to settle from the prehistoric period onwards. Although no known archaeology is recorded within the Development site itself, the proximity of other findspots and sites, notably Roman and its position within the Medieval village, suggest potential for archaeological remains to be encountered.1



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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