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Unlocking Absolute Zero: Overcoming implementation barriers on the path to delivering zero emissions by 2050

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Cleaver, Christopher  ORCID logo
Gonzalez Cabrera Honorio Serrenho, Andre 
Horton, Philippa 
Lupton, Rick 


UK demand for energy-intensive materials is growing, driving increased emissions in the UK and abroad. UK FIRES is a research programme sponsored by the UK Government, aiming to support a renaissance of UK Industry, compatible with our legal commitment to zero emissions by 2050 by placing Resource Efficiency at the heart of the UK’s Future Industrial Strategy.

Industry is the most challenging sector for climate mitigation - it’s energy efficient and there are no substitutes available at scale for the energy-intensive bulk materials - steel, cement, plastic, paper and aluminium. UK FIRES is therefore working towards an industrial renaissance in the UK, with high-value climate-safe UK businesses delivering goods and services compatible with the UK’s legal commitment to zero emissions and with much less new material production.



value chain, adaptation, material efficiency, lock-in, business strategy

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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/S019111/1)
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