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Research data supporting the article 'Collagen-Fibrinogen Lyophilised Scaffolds for Soft Tissue Regeneration'

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Data originating from a broad spectrum of work considering the lyophilisation of collagen based scaffolds for tissue engineering applications. A paper focusing on the feasiblity of the production of collagen-fibrinogen scaffolds and an investigation of the specific biological effect of the fibrinogen additions. The raw data is included for the quantitative pore analysis using micro-CT, cell adhesion and cell spreading. For access to any of the images from which these data were collected please contact the author.


Software / Usage instructions

Quantitative analysis of the pore structure was carried out on region of interests as defined using Bruker MicroCT's CTAn software ( Overlaid confocal images were produced in the open source software FIJI (not just imageJ). Otherwise all analysis was carried out using Excel. Only quantitative raw data is included (xls files)


collagen, fibrinogen, lyophilisation, adhesion, micro-computed tomography


European Research Council (320598)
European Commission (624904)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/N019938/1)