The Over Narrows (Pt III) Archaeological Investigations in Hanson's Needingworth Quarry. The O'Connell Ridge

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Evans, Christopher 
Tabor, Jonathon 

Excavation and environmental sampling of c. 6ha near Over, Cambridgeshire along a sand ridge, O'Connell Ridge and palaeochannel edge/system. Evidence of Grooved ware, Beaker, Deverel-Rimbury settlement activity found, north of five MBA barrows. Finds included flint, pottery and animal bone, three crouched inhumations and two cremations, MBA field system post-alignments, a long house, midden and burnt mound, pit clusters and roundhouses. Located south of the Godwin Ridge, which was finds and feature rich, settlement evidence was unexpected. Environmental sampling confirmed the nature of the palaeochannels and cereal processing and fishing. No Late Bronze Age or later period features or artefacts found.

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