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Land to the west of Eriswell, Suffolk: An Archaeological Evaluation

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Wright, Alasdair 


Set within a minor valley of the Little Ouse catchment, evidence from the evaluation demonstrates the valley bottom was formerly a much wetter environment, covered by blanket peat with palaeochannels and peat filled periglacial hollows. On the dryland margins, a modest flint assemblage and possible traces of ploughed out burnt mounds attest to low-level Neolithic and Bronze Age use. Ditches have been circumstantially assigned a medieval date, believed to form a component of the more substantial complex along the western fringes of Eriswell village (Stephens and Gater 2019). Elements of a 19th–20th century fieldsystem were also exposed within the trenches.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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