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Clay Farm, Trumpington, Cambridge. Archaeological Desktop Assessment



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Dickens, Alison 


This study has been commissioned by Countryside Properties PLC to better define the scope of archaeological interest in land at Clay Farm, Trumpington, Cambridge. The proposed development area lies in fields to the south of Cambridge, bounded by Long Road to the north, the London to Cambridge main line to the east, Trumpington Village to the west and open fields to the south. The area extends over 105 hectares, centred at TL 445 550. The objective of this assessment is to examine the probability of archaeological remains occurring within the proposed Clay Farm development area and to assess the likely impact of development upon any such remains. The study sets the findings in the context of both the relevant legislation (national and local) as well as the broader archaeological context, and proposes a broad scheme of mitigation based on the findings.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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