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ChatGPT and the entangled evolution of society, education, and technology: A systems theory perspective

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jats:p This paper presents a novel contribution to the discourse surrounding Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT in relation to education and society by using systems theory. We argue that ChatGPT can be understood not just as an ‘artificial’ intelligence but that it is entangled in the evolution of society and therefore education. ChatGPT is a subsystem of the autopoietic system of technology, which in modern society mediates between individual thinking, the physical world, and between thought and society. It is an instrumental tool and a semantic communication medium. With this bimodal framing, we consider ChatGPT and its role in society and education and consider the uses and implications of the technology. In this we respond to the need to introduce a scientific understanding of ChatGPT. We consider its emerging role in promoting educational inclusion, while also reflecting on challenges and limitations. We conclude by identifying the critical multi-dimensional skill sets required for individuals in a ChatGPT-integrated society and calls for strategic educational policies to facilitate this integration responsibly. Overall, this study paves the way for further research by providing a foundational understanding of LLMs through systems theory, thereby informing their ethical and effective incorporation into education. </jats:p>



39 Education, 3904 Specialist Studies In Education, 4 Quality Education

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European Educational Research Journal

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