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SMARCA4/2 loss inhibits chemotherapy-induced apoptosis by restricting IP3R3-mediated Ca 2+ flux to mitochondria

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Fu, Zheng 
Zhu, Xianbing 


Inactivating mutations in SMARCA4 and concurrent epigenetic silencing of SMARCA2 characterize subsets of ovarian and lung cancers. Concomitant loss of these key subunits of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complexes in both cancers is associated with chemotherapy resistance and poor prognosis. Here, we discover that SMARCA4/2 loss inhibits chemotherapy-induced apoptosis through disrupting intracellular organelle calcium ion (Ca2+) release in these cancers. By restricting chromatin accessibility to ITPR3, encoding Ca2+ channel IP3R3, SMARCA4/2 deficiency causes reduced IP3R3 expression leading to impaired Ca2+ transfer from the endoplasmic reticulum to mitochondria required for apoptosis induction. Reactivation of SMARCA2 by a histone deacetylase inhibitor rescues IP3R3 expression and enhances cisplatin response in SMARCA4/2-deficient cancer cells both in vitro and in vivo. Our findings elucidate the contribution of SMARCA4/2 to Ca2+-dependent apoptosis induction, which may be exploited to enhance chemotherapy response in SMARCA4/2-deficient cancers.


Acknowledgements: The authors thank A. Leary for sharing RNA-seq data and R. Hass for sharing the SCCOHT-1 cells. The authors thank members of the Pelletier Laboratory for assistance with flow cytometry studies. This work was supported by Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) grants MOP-130540, PJT-156233, and PJT-438303 to S.H. and grant FDN-148390 to W.D.F. and a core grant from Medical Research Council (MRC) MC_UU_00015/7 to J.P. Author Y.X. was supported by CIHR Fellowship (MFE-171249), J.L.M. was supported by a MRC-funded graduate student fellowship, and S.H. was supported by a CRC Chair in Functional Genomics.


Article, /631/67/68/2486, /631/67/1059/2326, /631/67/1244, /631/80/82/23, /13/106, /13/89, /13/95, /13/44, /13/51, /13/31, /13/2, /14/19, /38/15, /38/39, /49/47, /82/80, article

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Nature Publishing Group UK
Gouvernement du Canada | Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Instituts de Recherche en Santé du Canada) (MOP-130540, PJT-156233, PJT-438303)