Quantum Matter

The Shoenberg Laboratory for Quantum Matter was formed in 2004, combining the Low Temperature Physics group (LTP) and the The Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Superconductivity (IRC).

The Quantum Matter Group at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, studies matter under extreme conditions, i.e. at very low temperatures, high magnetic fields and high pressure, using advanced experimental techniques. The goal of this research is to understand new forms of magnetism and superconductivity and to find electrically conducting materials with new physical properties not described within the standard models of solid state physics. Some of the recent discoveries of the group are finding applications in the fields of refrigeration and detector technology.

Work focuses on two major themes in condensed matter research. The first is to understand the nature of quantum order in itinerant-electron systems on the border of magnetism at low temperatures. In recent years this area of research has led to the study of novel metallic states not described by Fermi liquid theory, anisotropic types of electron-electron and electron-hole pair condensates, and quantum critical phenomena. The second theme is studying the physics of novel superconducting materials, such as the high-Tc superconductors, MgB2, graphite intercalates and the ruthenates.

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