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Wide range of research programmes linked to experimental and instrumental programmes at the cutting edge of astronomical technology

The wide range of research programmes carried out by the group are centred on four major areas each linked to experimental and instrumental programmes which are at the cutting edge of astronomical technology.

These activities are supported by theoretical studies, particularly in the area of fundamental physics applications in Relativity and Cosmology, as well as modelling and simulation of astronomical phenomena.

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  • Analysing the impact of far-out sidelobes on the imaging performance of the SKA-LOW telescope 

    Mort, B; Dulwich, F; Razavi-Ghods, N; Acedo, EDL; Grainge, K (Oxford University Press, 2017-03)
    The Square Kilometre Array’s Low Frequency instrument (SKA-LOW) will operate in the undersampled regime for most of the frequency band where grating lobes pose particular challenges. To achieve the expected level of ...
  • AMI observations of ten CLASH galaxy clusters: SZ and X-ray data used together to determine cluster dynamical states 

    Rumsey, Clare; Olamaie, Malak; Perrott, Yvette C.; Russell, Helen R.; Feroz, Farhan; Grainge, Keith J. B.; Handley, Will J. et al. (Oxford University Press, 2016-04-17)
    Using Arcminute Microkelvin Imager (AMI) SZ observations towards ten CLASH clusters we investigate the influence of cluster mergers on observational galaxy cluster studies. Although selected to be largely relaxed, there ...
  • Comparison of Sunyaev-Zel’dovich measurements from Planck and from the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager for 99 galaxy clusters 

    Perrott, Y. C.; Olamaie, M.; Rumsey, C.; Brown, M. L.; Feroz, F.; Grainge, K. J. B.; Hobson, M. P. et al. (European Southern Observatory (ESO), 2015)
    We present observations and analysis of a sample of 123 galaxy clusters from the 2013 Planck catalogue of Sunyaev-Zel’dovich sources with the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager (AMI), a ground-based radio interferometer. AMI ...
  • Imaging simulations of selected science with the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer 

    Creech-Eakman, Michelle; Young, John; Haniff, Christopher; Buscher, David; Elvis, Martin; Chiavassa, Andrea; Schartmann, Marc (SPIE Press, 2010-07)
    We present simulated observations of surface features on Red Supergiant (RSG) stars and clumpy dust structures surrounding Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) with the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer (MROI). These ...