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  • On effective field theory of dark matter 

    Geytenbeek, Ben
    We investigate the feasibility of dark matter particles existing in the Universe as a spin-$\frac{1}{2}$ fermion using effective field theories to parametrise the higher order physics. Our goal is to determine the requirements ...
  • First-Principles Studies of Complex Oxide Materials 

    Kocer, Can
    This thesis uses first-principles methods to study complex oxide materials. The first part of the thesis deals with complex oxide materials that have applications as lithium-ion battery electrodes. In the second part, a ...
  • Mocking quantum mechanics: Semiclassical and machine-learning approaches to frustrated magnetism 

    Szabó, Attila
    Many-body quantum mechanics is the fundamental theory behind many areas of modern science, such as condensed-matter physics, nuclear physics, and quantum chemistry. It is also notoriously hard: the classical picture of ...
  • Fermionic Quantum Information in Surface Acoustic Waves 

    Lepage, Hugo
    Quantum computers are on the verge of revolutionising modern technology by providing scientists with unparalleled computational resources. With quantum-mechanical phenomena such as the superposition principle and entanglement, ...

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