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  • Spin-sensitive probes of triplet excitons in organic semiconductors 

    Weiss, Leah Rachel (2019-05-18)
    Spin interactions play a key role in the function of molecular materials from naturally occurring biological complexes to synthetic materials for light-harvesting and light-emission. This thesis investigates the spin ...
  • Hydrodynamic interactions in narrow channels 

    Misiunas, Karolis (2017-02-25)
    Particle-particle interactions are of paramount importance in every multi-body system as they determine the collective behaviour and coupling strength. Many well-known interactions like electro-static, van der Waals or ...
  • DNA scaffolds for functional hydrogels 

    Xing, Zhongyang (2018-12-24)
    DNA scaffolds self-assembled by short-stranded synthetic DNA can be tailored to build thermally reversible hydrogels with target binding sites. These hydrogels exhibit highly selective binding properties due to the specificity ...
  • Quantum Telepathy and the Analysis of Particle Presence 

    Arvidsson-Shukur, David Roland Miran (2018-11-14)
    The field of quantum mechanics has revolutionised physics as a subject. Areas such as information theory, computer science and physical sensing have all been affected by the tremendous successes of various quantum protocols. ...

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