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  • Detectors and Physics at a Future Linear Collider 

    Xu, Boruo (2017-12-01)
    An electron-positron linear collider is an option for future large particle accelerator projects. Such a collider would focus on precision tests of the Higgs boson properties. This thesis describes three studies related ...
  • Charge dynamics in superconducting double dots 

    Esmail, Adam Ashiq (2017-10-31)
    The work presented in this thesis investigates transitions between quantum states in superconducting double dots (SDDs), a nanoscale device consisting of two aluminium superconducting islands coupled together by a Josephson ...
  • Transport and thermodynamic studies of the superconductors A3T4Sn13 and YFe2Ge2 

    Chen, Xiaoye (2017-12-01)
    Materials in proximity to quantum critical points (QCPs) experience strong fluctuations in the order parameter associated with the transition and often, as a result, display interesting properties. In this dissertation, ...
  • High-pressure states of bismuth 

    Brown, Philip (2017-11-07)
    Bismuth is among the most studied of all elements, but its behaviour under pressure exhibits myriad unexpected puzzles even after many decades of research. Bismuth narrowly avoids being an insulator: a Peierls-type distortion ...

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