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  • Modified Gravity with Torsion 

    Negreanu, Carina Suzana (2019-07-01)
    We are at a point in time when alternative gravitational theories are beginning to be constrained by high precision cosmological and astrophysical data. The work in this thesis focuses on applications of a particular ...
  • Physical modelling of galaxy clusters and Bayesian inference in astrophysics 

    Javid, Kamran (2019-07-20)
    This thesis is concerned with the modelling of galaxy clusters, applying these models to real and simulated data using Bayesian inference, and the development of Bayesian inference algorithms applicable to a wide range of ...
  • Materials, photophysics and device designs for high efficiency photovoltaics 

    Karani, Arfa Husainali (2019-06-10)
    The development of inexpensive and sustainable renewable energy technologies is of critical importance in fulfilling rapidly growing global energy demand. The seriousness of this endeavour is also amplified by the urgent ...
  • High magnetic field study of strongly correlated electron systems 

    Tan, Beng Sing (2019-07-19)
    The physics of strongly correlated electron systems is remarkably rich and complex with the interactions between electrons giving rise to a diverse range of physical phenomena including ferromagnetism, metal-insulator ...

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