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  • Activation processes in biology 

    Bell, Samuel
    Many processes in physics and biology can be understand through the framework of escape from a metastable state, including (but not limited to) the rates of chemical reactions, the unfolding of proteins, the nucleation of ...
  • Stabilising Semiconducting Polymers Using Solid State Molecular Additives 

    Armitage, John William (2019-08-20)
    Solution processed organic semiconductors contain extrinsic environmental species that cause device instabilities as they are difficult to remove during low temperature processing and are able to penetrate into organic ...
  • Colloidal Self-Assembly of Novel Materials Displaying Structural Colour 

    O'Neill, Thomas James (2019-10-26)
    Self-assembly of colloids is a powerful technique for the synthesis of novel materials. While top-down manufacturing methods can also produce structures patterned on the mesoscale, they are frequently limited in resolution, ...
  • Progress towards GaAs multiplexed single-electron pump arrays 

    Yi, Teng (2019-09-30)
    In this thesis we present progress towards making multiplexed GaAs single-electron pump arrays. The single-electron pump is a device for transferring an accurate integer number $n$ of electrons per cycle to generate precise ...

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