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  • DNA Driven Assembly at Solid and Liquid Interfaces 

    Joshi, Darshana (2017-10-04)
    This thesis presents work on the DNA directed assembly of colloids at liquid and solid interfaces under specifically sculpted attractive interactions via depletion forces and/or magnetic fields. The highly specific and ...
  • Measurements of $B \to \mu^+ \mu^-$ decays using the LHCb experiment 

    Evans, Hannah Mary (2017-10-04)
    This dissertation documents a study of very rare $B$-meson decays at the LHCb experiment, using data taken during the first experiment run of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and during the second experiment run until ...
  • High Strain Rate Properties of Geological Materials 

    Braithwaite, Christopher Henry (2009-07-01)
    The dynamic response of various geological materials has been investigated through a series of plate impact experiments. The materials involved were supplied from various mines by De Beers and Rio Tinto and were generically ...
  • Singlet Exciton Fission in Acene Dimer and Diradicaloid Molecules 

    Lukman, Steven (2017-10-01)
    This dissertation describes our study of a photophysical process that leads to ultrafast generation of triplet excitons following photoexcitation, singlet exciton fission, in three different acene dimers and diradicaloids. ...

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