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  • Acoustoelectric charge transport in quasi-one-dimensional systems 

    Cunningham, John (Department of Physics, University of Cambridge, 2000-05-09)
    The study of electron transport in mesoscopic systems has recently turned to the observation of time dependent single electron e ects, where the electron transport is frequency locked to an external potential. Such devices ...
  • Interacting atoms in time-dependent potentials and artificial gauge fields 

    Bilitewski, Thomas (Theory of Condensed Matter Group, Cavendish Laboratories, University of Cambridge, 2016-11-08)
    This thesis considers novel phenomena arising in the few and many-body physics of ultracold atomic gases. The specific models considered are motivated by recent experimental developments. A main focus will be the theoretical ...
  • The measurement of radio source diameters using a diffraction method 

    Bell, Susan Jocelyn (Department of Radio Astronomy, University of Cambridge, 1969-02-18)
    This dissertation describes the measurement of angular diameters of compact radio sources by the technique of interplanetary scintillation. The design, construction and testing of a four acre radio aerial functioning at ...
  • The far-ultraviolet spectroscopy of molecules of astrophysical interest 

    Foale, Colin Michael (1982-02-23)
    More than 40 different molecules have been observed in Interstellar space within the Galaxy. Many of these molecules are seen near hot OB-type stars whose far-ultraviolet emission is intense. Laboratory spectroscopy of ...

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