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  • HIV/AIDS activism in England, c. 1982-1997. 

    Severs, George
    This PhD thesis examines the history of the groups and individuals who responded politically to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in England. It spans the years of the first confirmed AIDS-related death in the UK, that of Terry Higgins ...
  • Race, Gender, and Beauty in Late Colonial India c.1900-1950. 

    Hussain, Asia Mobeen (2021-11-27)
    This doctoral thesis argues that skin-lightening defined femininity and modernity for emerging middle-class women in colonial India during a time of global transformation. Most contemporary scholarship to date focuses on ...
  • Popular Attitudes to Taxation in Britain, c.1945- 1992 

    Hodgkin, Rosa
    There has been a general view among British historians that popular opposition to tax increased dramatically in the 1970s. However, no study has looked in detail at the available evidence. This view has been based largely ...
  • Abode of Peace: Islam, empire, and the Khoja diaspora (1866 - 1972) 

    Kara, Taushif
    This dissertation traces the modern intellectual history of the Khoja diaspora. It follows the Khojas, as well as the various ideas couched within and beyond their texts, during the formative periods of colonialism, ...

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