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  • The male occupational structure of England and Wales, 1600-1850 

    Keibek, Sebastiaan Antonius Johannes (2017-02-25)
    This dissertation builds on existing work by members of the ‘Occupational Structure of Britain 1379-1911’ project, led by Leigh Shaw-Taylor and E.A. Wrigley. It addresses three central problems of the project, namely (a) ...
  • The Lives and Afterlives of the Mauthausen Subcamp Communities 

    Kropiunigg, Rafael Milan (2017-04-06)
    Concentration camp scholarship has been impacted by an ‘island syndrome’: most research limits itself to one site, focuses either on its life or afterlife, and overlooks interactions among functionaries, inmates, and local ...
  • Natural Philosophy and Theology in Seventeenth-Century England 

    Pearse, Harry John (2016-09-30)
    This thesis explores the disciplinary relationship between natural philosophy (the study of nature or body) and theology (the study of the divine) in seventeenth-century England. Early modern disciplines had two essential ...
  • British Domestic Security Policy and Communist Subversion: 1945-1964 

    Styles, William (2017-02-08)
    This thesis is concerned with an analysis of British governmental attitudes and responses to communism in the United Kingdom during the early years of the Cold War, from the election of the Attlee government in July 1945 ...

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