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  • Excitons in topological Kondo insulators: Theory of thermodynamic and transport anomalies in SmB$_{6}$ 

    Knolle, J; Cooper, NR (American Physical Society, 2017-03-03)
    Kondo insulating materials lie outside the usual dichotomy of weakly versus correlated-band versus Mott-insulators. They are metallic at high temperatures but resemble band insulators at low temperatures because of the ...
  • An ultra-dense fast outflow in a quasar at z = 2.4 

    Williams, RJ; Maiolino, R; Krongold, Y; Carniani, S; Cresci, G; Mannucci, F; Marconi, A (Oxford University Press, 2017-02-07)
    We present adaptive optics assisted near-IR integral field spectroscopic observations of a luminous quasar at z = 2.4, previously observed as the first known example at high redshift of large-scale quasar-driven outflow ...
  • Star formation inside a galactic outflow 

    Maiolino, R; Russell, HR; Fabian, AC; Carniani, S; Gallagher, R; Cazzoli, S; Arribas, S et al. (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-04-13)
    Recent observations have revealed massive galactic molecular outflows that may have the physical conditions (high gas densities) required to form stars. Indeed, several recent models predict that such massive outflows may ...
  • A Silicon–Singlet Fission Tandem Solar Cell Exceeding 100% External Quantum Efficiency with High Spectral Stability 

    Pazos-Outón, Luis M; Lee, Ju Min; Futscher, Moritz H; Kirch, Anton; Tabachnyk, Maxim; Friend, Richard H; Ehrler, Bruno (American Chemical Society, 2017-02-10)
    After 60 years of research, silicon solar cell efficiency saturated close to the theoretical limit, and radically new approaches are needed to further improve the efficiency. The use of tandem systems raises this theoretical ...

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