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  • ALMA Long Baseline Campaigns: Phase Characteristics of Atmosphere at Long Baselines in the Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelengths 

    Matsushita, S; Asaki, Y; Fomalont, EB; Morita, KI; Barkats, D; Hills, RE; Kawabe, R et al. (IOP Publishing, 2017-02-06)
    We present millimeter- and submillimeter-wave phase characteristics measured between 2012 and 2014 of Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array long baseline campaigns. This paper presents the first detailed investigation ...
  • Effective-range dependence of resonant Fermi gases 

    Schonenberg, LM; Conduit, GJ (American Physical Society, 2017-01-27)
    A Fermi gas of cold atoms allows precise control over the dimensionless effective range, $\textbf{kFReff}$, of the Feshbach resonance. Our pseudopotential formalism allows us to create smooth potentials with effective ...
  • Structural and magnetic properties of core-shell Au/Fe$_3$O$_4$ nanoparticles 

    León Félix, L; Coaquira, JAH; Martínez, MAR; Goya, GF; Mantilla, J; Sousa, MH; Valladares, LDLS et al. (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-02-06)
    We present a systematic study of core-shell Au/Fe$_3$O$_4$ nanoparticles produced by thermal decomposition under mild conditions. The morphology and crystal structure of the nanoparticles revealed the presence of Au core ...
  • Two- and three-body contacts in the unitary Bose gas 

    Fletcher, RJ; Lopes, R; Man, J; Navon, N; Smith, RP; Zwierlein, MW; Hadzibabic, Z (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2017-01-27)
    In many-body systems governed by pairwise contact interactions, a wide range of observables is linked by a single parameter, the two-body contact, which quantifies two-particle correlations. This profound insight has ...

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