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  • Reduced Dimensionality in Drift-Diffusion Models of Back-Contact Solar Cells and Scanning Photocurrent Microscopy 

    Lamboll, Robin; Greenham, Neil Clement
    Solar cells are three-dimensional objects frequently modeled as being one-dimensional for convenience. However, for more complex designs of solar cell or if the cell is only illuminated at one point, one-dimensional modeling ...
  • Tuning Singlet Fission in π-Bridge-π Chromophores 

    Kumarasamy, E; Sanders, SN; Tayebjee, Murad Jehangir; Asadpoordarvish, A; Hele, Timothy; Fuemmeler, EG; Pun, AB et al. (American Chemical Society, 2017-09-13)
    We have designed a series of pentacene dimers separated by homoconjugated or non-conjugated bridges that exhibit fast and efficient intramolecular singlet exciton fission (iSF). These materials are distinctive among reported ...
  • Linking classical and molecular optomechanics descriptions of SERS 

    Schmidt, MK; Esteban, R; Benz, F; Baumberg, Jeremy John; Aizpurua, J
    The surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) of molecular species in plasmonic cavities can be described as an optomechanical process where plasmons constitute an optical cavity of reduced effective mode volume which ...
  • A fast numerical scheme for the Godunov-Peshkov-Romenski model of continuum mechanics 

    Jackson, Haran (Elsevier, 2017-11-01)
    A new second-order numerical scheme based on an operator splitting is proposed for the Godunov-Peshkov-Romenski model of continuum mechanics. The homogeneous part of the system is solved with a finite volume method based ...

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