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  • The Camels of Charles the Bald 

    Ottewill-Soulsby, SG
    This article investigates a previously neglected aspect of diplomatic relations between the Carolingians and the Umayyads of al-Andalus, the camels sent by Emir Muḥammad I to Charles the Bald, King of the West Franks, in ...
  • Leonardo Fibonacci 

    Danna, R (Il Mulino, 2016-09-01)
    Qua re amplectens strictius ipsum modum indorum, et attentius studens in eo, ex proprio sensu quedam addens, et quedam etiam ex subtilitatibus Euclidis geometrice artis apponens, summam huius libri, quam intelligibilius ...
  • “Securing the State:” James Madison, Federal Emergency Powers, and the Rise of the Liberal State in Post-Revolutionary America 

    Jóhannesson, S
    Placing the creation of emergency powers for the internal security of the state at the heart of the framing and adoption of the Federal Constitution, this essay offers a new perspective on the rise of the American liberal ...
  • 1867 and the Rule of Wealth 

    Parry, JP (Wiley, 2017-02-01)
    This essay examines the widespread concern in the 1860s and 1870s with ‘plutocracy’ – the political and social power of commercial wealth. It argues that we should not interpret either the pressure for parliamentary reform ...

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