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  • Incremental scoping study and implementation plan 

    Freiman, Lesley; Ward, Catharine; Jones, Sarah; Molloy, Laura; Snow, Kellie (Incremental Project, 2010-07)
    This report is one of the first deliverables from the Incremental project, which seeks to investigate and improve the research data management infrastructure at the universities of Glasgow and Cambridge and to learn lessons ...
  • Managing Data and ArcGIS 

    Farr, Lucy (The Incremental project (Cambridge University Library), 2011-03-02)
    ESRI's ArcGIS data, and other vector data system, are highly vulnerable to partial or complete data loss over time because as the company makes frequent software updates, and the data themselves have so many moving parts. ...
  • Managing Multimedia Research Data 

    Gray, Stephen (The Incremental project (Cambridge University Library), 2011-03-02)
    Researchers across disciplines are using digital media such as video, audio, and images to conduct and describe their research. These new methods bring additional challenges, including storing information, interpretting ...
  • Creating and Maintaining a Bespoke Database -- Lessons Learnt 

    Russell, Paul (The Incremental project (Cambridge University Library), 2011-03-02)
    Paul Russell (Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic, Cambridge) works with complicated early Irish glossaries with connections that are often fuzzy and phonetic rather than precise. When he went to create a database ...

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