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  • On Gaussian Multiplicative Chaos 

    Wong, Mo Dick (2019-07-20)
    Gaussian multiplicative chaos was first constructed in Kahane's seminal paper in 1985 in an attempt to provide a mathematical foundation for Kolmogorov-Obukhov-Mandelbrot theory of energy dissipation in developed turbulence. ...
  • Optimal estimation in high-dimensional and nonparametric models 

    Baldin, Nikolay (2019-05-18)
    Minimax optimality is a key property of an estimation procedure in statistical modelling. This thesis looks at several problems in high-dimensional and nonparametric statistics and proposes novel estimation procedures. It ...
  • Charged scalar fields on Black Hole space-times 

    Van de Moortel, Maxime Claude Robert (2019-05-18)
    The goal of this thesis is to study charged Black Holes in the presence of charged matter. To do so, we investigate the behaviour of spherically symmetric solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equations, which ...
  • Functional inequalities in quantum information theory 

    Rouzé, Cambyse (2019-07-22)
    Functional inequalities constitute a very powerful toolkit in studying various problems arising in classical information theory, statistics and many-body systems. Extensions of these tools to the noncommutative setting ...

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