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  • Digital Twin Journeys: an iterative approach to prototyping digital twins 

    Lamb, Kirsten; Fenby-Taylor, Henry (Centre for Digital Built Britain, 2022-03-15)
    Embarking on a digital twin journey can help you better understand a problem and provide insights that can help you solve a problem. This infographic is a guide to capturing value through prototyping digital twins, based ...
  • CReDo: Overview Report 

    Hayes, Sarah; Dent, Chris; Mawdsley, Ben; Judson, Rachel; Collingwood, Tom (Centre for Digital Built Britain, 2022-03-30)
    This report sets out an overview of the first phase of CReDo running from April 2021 to March 2022 with a focus on the technical architecture developed to integrate different datasets and models into the connected digital ...
  • Digital Twin Journeys: Teaching a Computer to See 

    Lamb, Kirsten; Fenby-Taylor, Henry; Danish, Matthew (Centre for Digital Built Britain, 2022-03-18)
    To asset owners and managers, understanding how people move through and use the built environment is a high priority, enabling better, more user-focused decisions. However, many of the methods for getting these insights ...
  • Gemini Papers: What are connected digital twins 

    Gemini Council; Lamb, Kirsten (Centre for Digital Built Britain, 2022-03-10)

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