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This collection holds Cambridge publications received from the Jisc Publications Router.

Publications Router is an alerting service that automatically sends notifications about research articles to institutions' systems such as their repositories or CRISs. These notifications indicate, for example, that an article has been accepted for publication or that it has been published. They often include the articles themselves in the version agreed by the publisher, or they may just consist of metadata.

More information about the Jisc Publications Router is available at https://pubrouter.jisc.ac.uk/

Recent Submissions

  • Strong Suppression of Thermal Conductivity in the Presence of Long Terminal Alkyl Chains in Low‐Disorder Molecular Semiconductors 

    Selezneva, Ekaterina; Vercouter, Alexandre; Schweicher, Guillaume; Lemaur, Vincent; Broch, Katharina; Antidormi, Aleandro; Takimiya, Kazuo et al. (2021-08-03)
    Abstract: While the charge transport properties of organic semiconductors have been extensively studied over the recent years, the field of organics‐based thermoelectrics is still limited by a lack of experimental data on ...
  • Localized management of non-indigenous animal domesticates in Northwestern China during the Bronze Age 

    Vaiglova, Petra; Reid, Rachel E. B.; Lightfoot, Emma; Pilaar Birch, Suzanne E.; Wang, Hui; Chen, Guoke; Li, Shuicheng et al. (Nature Publishing Group UK, 2021-08-03)
    Abstract: The movements of ancient crop and animal domesticates across prehistoric Eurasia are well-documented in the archaeological record. What is less well understood are the precise mechanisms that farmers and herders ...
  • In your phase: neural phase synchronisation underlies visual imagery of faces 

    Canales-Johnson, Andrés; Lanfranco, Renzo C.; Morales, Juan Pablo; Martínez-Pernía, David; Valdés, Joaquín; Ezquerro-Nassar, Alejandro; Rivera-Rei, Álvaro et al. (Nature Publishing Group UK, 2021-01-27)
    Abstract: Mental imagery is the process through which we retrieve and recombine information from our memory to elicit the subjective impression of “seeing with the mind’s eye”. In the social domain, we imagine other ...
  • Diffusion-mediated HEI10 coarsening can explain meiotic crossover positioning in Arabidopsis 

    Morgan, Chris; Fozard, John A.; Hartley, Matthew; Henderson, Ian R.; Bomblies, Kirsten; Howard, Martin (Nature Publishing Group UK, 2021-08-03)
    Abstract: In most organisms, the number and distribution of crossovers that occur during meiosis are tightly controlled. All chromosomes must receive at least one ‘obligatory crossover’ and crossovers are prevented from ...

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