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Symposium Organisers

The Symposium is organised and hosted by the Centre for International Manufacturing (CIM), one of several Research Centres in Cambridge University’s Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), which acts as a focal point for industrial managers and the wider community concerned with international manufacturing issues and problems. The formation of the Centre recognises the importance of these issues in the modern industrial environment alongside the traditional domains of manufacturing strategy and performance measurement, technology management, and product planning and introduction.

Organising Committee

  • Dr Jagjit Singh Srai (Chair)
  • Dr Paul Christodoulou
  • Dr Don Fleet
  • Eric Harris
  • Dr Ettore Settanni
  • Nick Sherwen
  • Dr Yongjiang Shi
  • Dr Naoum Tsolakis


  • Karen Smith, CIM
  • Jo Griffiths, Lisa Barnett and Kathryn Robertson, IfM Education and Consultancy Services

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