Growth mechanism of TiN reaction layers produced on AlN via active metal bonding

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Sakaguchi, M 
Chiba, H 
Ohashi, T 
Nagatomo, Y 

Interfacial reactions related to the TiN layer growth process between nanocrystalline epitaxial layers of AlN deposited on c-plane sapphire and a Ti–containing metal brazing or sintering layer using Ag–Cu–TiH2, Ag–TiH2 and Cu–TiH2 pastes have been investigated. The brazed/sintered samples were heated in vacuum at 850 °C for 30 min. The TiN layer produced at the metal/AlN interfaces consists of TiN particles < 50 nm in size and grain boundary phases including Al-containing Ag and Al-containing Cu. The Al concentration within the TiN layer decreases as the distance increases from the AlN epitaxial layer. These experimental observations all suggest that when AlN is used as a starting material in the active metal bonding method, interfacial reaction processes take place with the generation of a local Al-based eutectic liquid phase and elemental transport through this eutectic liquid phase.

40 Engineering, 4016 Materials Engineering
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Journal of Materials Science
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My co-authors are all Japanse scientists employed either by Mitsubishi or by Osaka University.