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GAL4 GFP enhancer trap lines for analysis of stomatal guard cell development and gene expression.

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Gardner, Michael J 
Baker, Andrew J 
Assie, Jean-Maurice 
Poethig, R Scott 
Haseloff, Jim P 


To facilitate the monitoring of guard cells during development and isolation, a population of 704 GAL4 GFP enhancer trap lines was screened and four single insert lines with guard cell GFP expression and one with developmentally-regulated guard cell GFP expression were identified. The location of the T-DNA inserts, the expression of the flanking genes, and the promoter activity of the genomic DNA upstream of the T-DNA were characterized. The results indicated that the GFP expression pattern in at least one of the lines was due to elements in the intergenic DNA immediately upstream of the T-DNA, rather than due to the activity of the promoters of genes flanking the insert, and provide evidence for the involvement of Dof elements in regulating guard cell gene expression. It is shown further that the GAL4 GFP lines can be used to track the contribution of guard cell material in vitro, and this method was used to assess the purity of guard cell samples obtained using two methods of guard cell isolation.



Arabidopsis, Enhancer Elements, Genetic, Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental, Gene Expression Regulation, Plant, Green Fluorescent Proteins, Mutagenesis, Insertional, Plant Stomata, Trans-Activators

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J Exp Bot

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