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Adjuvant chemotherapy does not improve outcome in children with ovarian immature teratoma: A comparative analysis of clinical trial data from the Malignant Germ Cell International Consortium.

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Vieira, Ana Glenda Santarosa  ORCID logo
Krailo, Mark 
Fallahazad, Negar 
Brougham, Mark FH 


BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: Surgery is the mainstay of therapy for children with ovarian immature teratoma (IT), whereas adults receive adjuvant chemotherapy, except those with stage-I, grade-1 disease. In Brazil, children with metastatic ovarian IT received postoperative chemotherapy. This practice variation allowed evaluation of the value of chemotherapy, by comparison of Brazilian patients with those in the United States and United Kingdom. DESIGN/METHODS: From the Malignant Germ Cell International Consortium data commons, data on ovarian IT patients from two recently added Brazilian trials (TCG-99/TCG-2008) were compared with data from US/UK (INT-0106/GC-2) trials. Primary outcome measure was event-free (EFS) and overall survival (OS). RESULTS: Forty-two Brazilian patients were included (stage I: 27, stage II: 4, stage III: 8, stage IV: 3). Twenty-nine patients had surgery alone, whereas 13 patients received postoperative chemotherapy. The EFS and OS for entire cohort was 0.80 (95% CI: 0.64-0.89) and 0.97 (0.84-0.99). There was no difference in relapse risk based on stage, grade, or receipt of chemotherapy. Comparing the Brazilian cohort with 98 patients in US/UK cohort (stage I: 59, stage II: 12, stage III: 27), there was no difference in EFS and OS across all stages, despite 87% of stage II-IV Brazilian patients receiving postoperative chemotherapy compared with only 13% of US/UK patients. The EFS and OS for Brazilian compared with US/UK cohort was stage I: 88% versus 98% (p = .05), stage II-IV EFS: 67% versus 79% (p = .32), stage II-IV OS: 93% versus 97% (p = .44); amongst grade-3 patients, there was no difference in EFS or OS. CONCLUSION: Addition of postoperative chemotherapy did not improve outcome in children with ovarian IT, even at higher grade or stage, compared with surgery alone.



MaGIC, ovarian immature teratoma, pediatric, Adult, Female, Humans, Child, United States, Ovarian Neoplasms, Teratoma, Chemotherapy, Adjuvant

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Pediatr Blood Cancer

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St Baldrick's Foundation (via Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) (2015-0743)
The St Baldricks Foundation Consortium Grant; reference number 358099.