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Evaluating the Inclusivity of Digital Interfaces for Transport Services

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Bradley, Mike 
Waller, Sam 
Kluge, Jakob 
Gaggi, Silvia 


Transport services accessible solely via digital interfaces are becoming increasingly common and can offer significant benefits to both the service providers and users. However, this can cause the exclusion of many potential users because they lack the access to the required digital hardware, the capability to operate the digital interface or the attitude required to engage with the technology. This paper reports on the issue of technology access from analysis from recent surveys in Europe: the UK (n=338), Italy (n=1002) and Germany (n=1010). This approach provides a baseline exclusion prediction for services with different technology requirements, for example a service that requires the user to install an app on a smartphone versus one that provides information via a smartphone browser. The data is presented for the whole population of each country. The results suggest that across the different countries, services that solely offer access via an app which needs installation on a mobile device can exclude significant numbers of people.



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World Congress on Railway Research (WCRR) 2022

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European Commission Horizon 2020 (H2020) Research Infrastructures (RI) (875542)