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Highly-Sensitive Textile Pressure Sensors Enabled by Suspended-Type All Carbon Nanotube Fiber Transistor Architecture

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Lee, Keon Woo 
Lee, Jun Ho 
Shin, Seung Beom 
Jo, Jeong Wan 


Among various wearable health-monitoring electronics, electronic textiles (e-textiles) have been considered as an appropriate alternative for a convenient self-diagnosis approach. However, for the realization of the wearable e-textiles capable of detecting subtle human physiological signals, the low-sensing performances still remain as a challenge. In this study, a fiber transistor-type ultra-sensitive pressure sensor (FTPS) with a new architecture that is thread-like suspended dry-spun carbon nanotube (CNT) fiber source (S)/drain (D) electrodes is proposed as the first proof of concept for the detection of very low-pressure stimuli. As a result, the pressure sensor shows an ultra-high sensitivity of ~3050 Pa−1 and a response/recovery time of 258/114 ms in the very low-pressure range of 300 Pa as the fiber transistor was operated in the linear region (VDS = −0.1 V). Also, it was observed that the pressure-sensing characteristics are highly dependent on the contact pressure between the top CNT fiber S/D electrodes and the single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) channel layer due to the air-gap made by the suspended S/D electrode fibers on the channel layers of fiber transistors. Furthermore, due to their remarkable sensitivity in the low-pressure range, an acoustic wave that has a very tiny pressure could be detected using the FTPS.



fiber transistors, pressure sensors, e-textile, wearable devices, active-matrix sensors

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