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Enhancement method of series hybrid ship energy efficiency for speed and energy collaborative optimization

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jats:titleAbstract</jats:title>jats:pHybrid ships have recently garnered increasing attention as a promising solution for energy shortages and environmental pollution. However, changes in the navigation environment can greatly affect the energy efficiency of these vessels. Therefore, improving the energy efficiency of hybrid ships continues to be a key issue. Our study examined the energy efficiency of a diesel‐electric series hybrid ship operating on an inland river, and a method to optimise series hybrid ship energy efficiency was proposed. The energy consumption model, power demand model, and decision function with minimum fuel consumption as the evaluation criteria were established according to the ship's characteristics and hybrid system. By analysing the data collected from an actual ship, the operating conditions of the navigation environment were identified using the jats:italick‐means</jats:italic> algorithm, and the total distance travelled by the ship was divided into several sub‐trajectories. Afterwards, the optimised speed of the ship and the optimised output power of each power source were determined using the grasshopper optimization algorithm. The ship's energy efficiency levels before and after using the energy efficiency enhancement method were compared and analysed, and the effects of this optimization method on the ship's energy efficiency in several typical voyages were analysed. Our findings demonstrated that this optimization method can distribute the output of the power source in a better way, thereby optimising the speed of the vessel and maintaining stable sailing. More importantly, the proposed method can reduce fuel consumption by 17.04%.</jats:p>



electric propulsion, energy consumption, energy management systems, marine power systems, ships

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IET Electrical Systems in Transportation

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Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
National Key R&D Program of China (2021YFB2601601)