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New Associations between Drug-Induced Adverse Events in Animal Models and Humans Reveal Novel Candidate Safety Targets.

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Basili, Danilo 
Afzal, Avid M 
Rosenbrier-Ribeiro, Lyn 
Greene, Nigel 


To improve our ability to extrapolate preclinical toxicity to humans, there is a need to understand and quantify the concordance of adverse events (AEs) between animal models and clinical studies. In the present work, we discovered 3011 statistically significant associations between preclinical and clinical AEs caused by drugs reported in the PharmaPendium database of which 2952 were new associations between toxicities encoded by different Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities terms across species. To find plausible and testable candidate off-target drug activities for the derived associations, we investigated the genetic overlap between the genes linked to both a preclinical and a clinical AE and the protein targets found to interact with one or more drugs causing both AEs. We discuss three associations from the analysis in more detail for which novel candidate off-target drug activities could be identified, namely, the association of preclinical mutagenicity readouts with clinical teratospermia and ovarian failure, the association of preclinical reflexes abnormal with clinical poor-quality sleep, and the association of preclinical psychomotor hyperactivity with clinical drug withdrawal syndrome. Our analysis successfully identified a total of 77% of known safety targets currently tested in in vitro screening panels plus an additional 431 genes which were proposed for investigation as future safety targets for different clinical toxicities. This work provides new translational toxicity relationships beyond AE term-matching, the results of which can be used for risk profiling of future new chemical entities for clinical studies and for the development of future in vitro safety panels.



Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Systems, Animals, Databases, Factual, Humans, Models, Animal, Molecular Structure, Pharmaceutical Preparations

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Chem Res Toxicol

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American Chemical Society (ACS)


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European Research Council (336159)
This work was supported as part of the PhD project of K.A.G funded by the European Research Council and AstraZeneca Early Oncology TDE